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Inter House Competition

Inter House Competition


"Be thankful for quality competitors who push you to your limit. "A famous quote by Micheal Josephson, to prove this, an exciting Inter-House Quiz competition was held on the 20th July 2019 at RMPS International campus.The quiz was divided into various exciting rounds. All the students were at the edge of their sets to know the answers and the participants were very active.The questions put forth to the team by the quiz master Mr.Abhishek Bagchi (seniors) & Ms.Bhavna Autade (juniors) were fascinating, exciting and made the audience applaud excitedly ,when the teams answered correctly.In the end of junior quiz Mountain climbers House bagged the 1st position, Pole star and Sun Risers house placed tied at 2nd & River Rafter house at 3rd position. Where in Seniors Mountain Climbers , River Rafter and Pole Stars House bagged at 1st ,2nd & 3rd position respectively.


Inter-House Fancy Dress Competition took place on Saturday by the students of Grade ! & 2. The theme was 'Celebrity'. The performances of the students left the audience spellbound. River Rafter, Mountain Climbers & Sun Risers House bagged the 1st, second & 3rd position respectively.


Music binds our souls, hearts & emotions.Music is the best method of relaxation.Students of G-1 to G-8 has participated in Junior & senior category for solo & group songs.The melodious songs pulled the heartstrings of the audience.Each house showed their mastery over voice modulation, pitch ,rhythm and tone.where Mountain Climbers House rocked with 1st position in Jr.solo song ,Jr.Group song as well as Sr.solo song & 3rd position in Sr. group song, Sun Risers House got 2nd position in Jr.solo song ,Jr.Group song as well as Sr.solo song.Pole Stars house scored 3rd position in Jr.solo song ,Jr.Group song as well as Sr.solo song & 1st in Sr.Group song, River Rafter scored 2nd position in Sr. group song.


With an increasing awareness of critical issues among general mass ,an Inter-House Nukkad Natak competition was held in RMPS International on 20-07-2019.The Judges of the competition were Mr. Nikunj Mehta & Mrs.Archana Negi. Each House was given the same topic of 'Save Water' The participants of each Houses presented their best by highlighting the main social issue through the play.The result of Nukkad Natak were as follows: 1st , 2nd & 3rd position was bagged by Pole Stars ,River Rafter & Mountain Climbers Houses respectively.The judges appreciated the students for their excellent performance and the work put in by the teachers.


An Inter House AD-MAD competition was held on 20-07-19 on different topics given.The students prepared creative advertisements to promote their products in a comic way.Pole Stars House ,River Rafter House and Mountain Climbers House bagged the 1st, 2nd & 3rd position respectively.These kind of activities creates the future Unicorns in the students.


"Dance is the hidden language of the soul".To show this hidden language we conducted the Inter-house Dance competition (Junior & Senior)solo & group .The theme given for solo & group (Junior) was Retro & Girl education ,whereas for solo & group(senior) was Navras(emotions) & inspirational comedy respectively.Students showed their talents with excellent performances and enthralled the with their expressions and moves. Mountain Climbers House rocked on the floor and bagged the 1st position in Junior solo, & Senior solo, 2nd in Sr. group. Pole Star house won 2nd in Jr. solo & Sr. solo with 3rd position in Jr. group & Sr. group. Sun Risers house won 1st ,2nd & 3rd in Sr. group Jr. group and Sr.solo respectively & River Rafter house won 3rd position in Jr. solo dance.Judges (Mr.Nikunj Mehta ,Ms Dhaval Thakor & Ms Animesh Mazumdar) appreciated all the participants and shared lots of valuable tips to the students.