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Language Lab

Language Lab

RMPS Provide a well-known Word worth Language Lab The importance of English language cannot be mitigated even if so desired. It is almost necessary that a learner has a good command over the language to allow him overall success in life. Having clarity and accuracy of the English language gives confidence to the learner and opens doors to avenues otherwise out of reach. His/her understanding of the nuances of the English language serves as a platform to rise and evolve in his life and career. It is thus vital, that provisions be made to enhance the skills of the learners of this global language.

The onus of English language enhancement among learners lies with the institution. Besides appointing efficient teachers, an institute can make arrangements to set-up a good digital English language lab for the use of its learners.

When a blended methodology of language teaching is adopted in a language lab, the human touch brought in by a physical teacher (during the classroom section of the language lab) ensures a live delivery of language concepts. These concepts are discussed and where need be demonstrated by the teacher before the learners proceed to practice them individually in the computer based section of the language lab. Learners hence get ample scope for practice and internalization of language concepts. Language labs also provide scope for using English language through games and practice exercises to polish concepts learnt during classroom sessions.

The need for having a language lab is being widely recognised by the English language academia. Schools and colleges across the country are opening up to the idea of establishing language labs for the future benefit of their learners.

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