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RMPS Skills

RMPS Skills

We are keen to promote multiple skills throughout the curriculum. It is increasingly recognised that schools have a responsibility to prepare their students for life outside of the classroom. To help our students achieve their full potential throughout their future lives, it is essential that we promote a range of transferable skills, which will be invaluable to further studies as well as career progression.

With this in mind we identified 4 key 'RMPS Learning Skills’:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Multiple Skills
  • Perspective In
  • Stewardship

Our aim is to promote RMPS across all subjects and through extra-curricular activities and opportunities. By the time a student leaves The RMPS International School, we would like them to have developed these skills and achieved recognition of this.

Each individual RMPS contains 4 specific elements (RUBY, MORIAN, PEARL, and SAPPHIRE). And each of these has 4 levels of progression (RISERS, MOVERS, PACERS, and SOLDIERS)

We are currently developing a system where students will progress through the levels for each of the RMPS. They will take increasingly independent levels of responsibility for the tracking of these skills and will have a portable record of their achievements.

Staff will identify current RMPS that they are covering, highlight these to their students, and seek opportunities to build additional RMPS into their lessons.