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Principal Messages

Principal Messages

"The future of the world is in my classroom today.", said by Ivan Welton, a famous US teacher.

Yes, we do not know what the future just after 5 years will look like and we have a task to prepare the young minds for the future which is pretty far off. History is the witness that our world progressed in technology in rapid pace and we never predicted the tools and processes we are applying today even another 10 years back. But I always tell my students, “The smartphone you are using is as smart as the user”.

So, it is our responsibility here in RMPS International School, Ankleshwar to create opportunities for our coming generations to absorb, analyse and apprehend the true essence of knowledge and convert that into application. Here we create learners who are not afraid of asking questions, debate conventions, form hypothesis, generate ideas and present them in front of the global audience. We encourage our students to collaborate as a global citizen and exchange culture. We train young minds to stay open for any new opportunities that can impact the history of this planet as a whole.

It is our goal to create a learning ecosystem for our students and help them transform into future global leaders in collaboration with our parents.

Abhishek Bagchi